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THE BILLS, the rollicking acoustic marvels whose blend sound symphonic and rhythyms deep and woven from sea spume - From Vancouver and Victoria, BC

GAUTAM MALKANI, Financial Times editor, whose novel reflects the urban complexity and humor in London life. He has a new book project and an engaging "Unbound" promo trailer, r-rated for language yet funny and moving.

Author LEONARD PITT, author of Walking Through Lost Paris, mime, and founder of the Berkeley Chocolate Club, helps us see back in time to pre-Haussman Paris.

Music by VIENNA TENG TRIO, the acclaimed pianistand songwriter in the pop-folk style.

T.C. BOYLE, author, with his new book, Talk Talk, a adventure in identiy theft with a deaf woman as his protagonist and a CGI creator as her ally.

And a song about food and touring from PETER SCHICKELE, sole discoverer of the music of PDQ Bach.


West Coast Live broadcasts Saturdays from 10am to noon Pacific Time, unless otherwise stated. Guests attending the show are asked to arrive 30 minutes early, at 9:30am.