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Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live, San Francisco's Radio Show to the World!

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West Coast Live broadcasts Saturdays from 10am to noon Pacific Time, unless otherwise stated. Guests attending the show are asked to arrive 30 minutes early, at 9:30am.  

A Favorite from the Archives - Show 1078

A favorite from the archives. Get your tickets now for our shows live from the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on September 20 & 27. Great guests including Eric Schlosser, Malcolm Margolin, A. Scott Berg, Kristin Newman, Elvin Bishop, Catie Curtis, Meklit, Karl & Carl, founders of Berkeleyside and more!

From from April 17, 2004 at The 12 Galaxies, Sedge welcomed:

ROGER McGUINN, lead singer and lead guitarist of The Byrds, here with his jingle-jangle 12-string guitar.

SURF COASTERS, the Japanese surf band, started by Shigeo Naka, whom Dick Dale refers to as "Prince of the Surf Guitar"

DAVID SANGER & JOHN HART, authors, San Francisco Bay a journey back through the bay's history, introducing its native cultures, describing its ecology, and tracing its urban and industrial development.

LEO KOTTKE, acclaimed guitarist known for a fingerpicking style full of syncopated, polyphonic melodies. (January 2004)

RUTH OZEKI, Canadian-American novelist, filmmaker and Zen Buddhist priest.

And a bit of new material from our friends MISNER & SMITH, performing tonight at the Freight & Salvage (September 2014).


Meklit's new video We Are Alive - WCL Exclusive Premier

We are proud to present the exclusive premier of Meklit's new video We Are Alive. The Ethiopian-born, San Francisco-based singer and her band will join West Coast Live at the Freight & Salvage on September 27th. Check out her new video here, directed by Kevin Gordon at Sub64 Films:


SEPTEMBER 20, 2014
Live from the Freight & Salvage - Show 1080

Join us for two hours of conversation, music & play from the beautiful Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse at 2020 Addison St in downtown Berkeley. Sedge welcomes:



TV writer for hit shows like How I Met Your Mother and That ‘70s Show, here with her hilarious new travel memoir What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding, tales of romance, self-discovery, and sowing her wild oats on adventures abroad.



the writer and journalist brings us her fascinating debut novel, Gutenberg's Apprentice, evoking one of the most momentous events in history: the birth of printing in medieval Germany—a story of invention, intrigue, and betrayal.



legendary blues guitarist and friends stop by in celebration of the release of his new album, Can't Even Do Wrong Right.



brings us thoughtful, intuitive storytelling in folk rock form; touring in support of her new CD Flying Dream.



our itinerant comedians bring us a back-to-school edition of their hilarious Tips On Travel.

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