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This week, Sedge presents some brand new and archival material, including:

HELEN MACDONALD, whose memoir H is for Hawk recounts the year she spent training a goshawk in the wake of her father's death. (2016)

JIM HARRISON, (1937-2016) author of Legends of the Fall and other works about the outdoors and food; Sedge's interview with him on Fresh Air. (1990)

WES JACKSONfarmer, philosopher and author of several landmark books on sustainable agriculture, Wes is founder and current president of The Land Institute and a member of the World Future Council. (2014)

GREENHORNS, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, farmer, activist, organizer and director of The Greenhorns, a documentary film and grassroots organization working to recruit, promote and support the growing tribe of new agrarians. ('14)

MARIAH PARKER'S INDO LATIN JAZZ ENSEMBLE get us grooving on a world of musical influences, from Havana to Kolkata. ('14)

The first of Sedge's renowned kitchen table shows!  From January 1999:

ANNE LAMOTT, the hilarious and insightful writer, live at the kitchen table.

TERRY JONES, British Comedian best known as a member of Monty Python.

DICK DALE, King of the Surf Guitar.

HUGH MASEKELA AND BAND, South African Jazz and Afrobeat musician.

MARE WINNINGHAMactress and singer-songwriter.

And More!

November 4, 2006 at The Booksmith on Haight Street, helping celebrate their 30 years as San Francisco's leading independent bookstore. 



Surf Band from Fukuoka, Japan stop through on their West Coast Tour.



founder of Need we say more?

The Prolific


award-winning author and illustrator of hundreds of children's books, including Strega Nona, The Art Lesson, and Christmas Remembered.



author of No Plot, No Problem and the man who turned November into National Novel Writing Month, will inspire you to get out your pen and paper.



with legendary banjo slide player TONY FURTADO and local singer-songwriter MEGAN SLANKARD.

From May 24, 2008 - FILM, POETRY, MYSTERIES  never before re-broadcast!

Image result for Eleanor CoppolaImage result for John StraleyImage result for august kleinzahlerImage result for Rick di DiaImage result for Scoop Nisker

  • ELEANOR COPPOLA, author of Notes on a Life including her work as a filmmaker.
  • JOHN STRALEY, author and private eye in Sitka, Alaska, has a new thriller set in 1935, The Big Both Ways.
  • AUGUST KLEINZAHLER, poet who doesn't like to call himself a poet whose marvelous books include The Strange Hours Travelers Keep and Sleeping It Off in Rapid City.
  • RICK DI DIA and AIREENE ESPIRITU,Guitar meets ukulele. Guitar loses ukulele. Guitar wins ukulele .
  • WES SCOOP NISKER, author of Crazy Wisdom Saves The World Again .
  • Music from piano player MIKE GREENSILL, who knows his Sitka from his Skagway