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Today's live broadcast (June 25th) is the last of our 10AM broadcasts.

Since 1994, we've enjoyed that place of temporal geography. New construction is going up in that space.  Starting July 2nd, our San Francisco broadcast time will be Noon-2pm.  As we broadcast live to many places in the world at 10A PT, we must get our show now earlier to them than 10AM PT, so we are changing how we produce West Coast Live.  We might change the name.  Some weeks we will do a live show at noon from some interesting place and the other stations might carry it a week later.  Sometimes we will record a show during the week and it will air Saturday.  All a bit complicated, but we've worked out a way to morph.  We will maintain conversation, music and play.  With as much of a live audience as we can.

I started this show to bring unheard and well-known voices to live radio. Live.  No delay.  Immediate. Pure. From places far from airless studios - community theatres, cafes, moving ships, kitchens, museums.  It's a tightwire walk.  It's theatre and alive with the unknown. I feel alive in the moment of it.  That's my personal motivation.  The guests rise to embrace the risk.  It's part of our mise en place that allows for the unexpected delights.  

What's Next?  -  We'll all find out. It's all live.

Today SEDGE welcomes:

Positively Ellinwood Street: H ... from

MARY ROACH - She eschews polysyllabic titles: Bonk, Stiff, Spook.  Her new one - Grunt - reports on the curious science of humans at war.  Jolly topic, or she'll make it so....

CLAIRE PEASLEE - The naturalist says her focus will be divided between lepidoptera and cartilagenous fishes (one or these will receive more loving detail).

SOLSTICE - Women's vocal sextet marking their 20th anniverseray this weekend  of complex harmonies and the joy of song.

MIKE GREENSILL - the maestro will play exceptionally well today, and WESLA WHITFIELD will help him.

Other guests To Be Announced this week

If you'd like to be in the live audience for this bit of San Francisco Broadcast History, tarry not!

We commence for you our Certified Wisdom & Happiness summer series of broadcasts with compelling people from all walks of life in all kinds of places.  This week, in celebration of American independence


SEDGE's guests: 

WHITFIELD DIFFIE, cryptographer and inventor of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and early advocate for internet privacy via encryption

disappear fear CD photo by Charles Freeman
Image result for Declaration of IndependenceImage result for Whitfield DiffieThe Tragically Hip, Photo: Gordon Hawkins

The JESTERS -  Songs of the 20s and 30s by this stylin' trio

DISAPPEAR FEAR - the renowned duo stops in

Reading of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE - First read aloud on July 2nd, 1776

BILL BARICH - author of Laughing in the Hills, Travelling Light, and his major book on California, Big Dreams

THE TRAGICALLY HIP - The acclaimed Canadian Band from 7,034 feet in the High Sierra


ECORAP - The international consciousness raising of environmental awared for urban youth in Germany, Greece, Croatia, and the US, organised by Leonard Pitt

DIANE HIDY, house pianist 

Sedge brings together - 
DIANE ACKERMAN - Natural History of the Senses, Slender Thread
JULIA WHITTY - Oceanographer
WILLIAM GIBSON - author Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition
SUSAN KARE - original icon designer for the Mac; acclaimed designer
STEVE WOZNIAK - engineer, originator of Dial-a-Joke, inventor and co-founder of Apple Computer compnay





We're sure it is only a coincidence that the phone circuit failed the day we featured a marvelous history of the phone phreakers by Phil Lapsley and and interview with Hedrick Smith who produced a documentary for PBS on how the phone company shares all your data with the government.  

From The Chapel at 777 Valencia (b/t 18th & 19th) in the SF Mission, SEDGE welcomes:



the Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalist with Who Stole the American Dream, on trail of political and corporate decisions that have, over the past four decades, dismantled the American Dream.



whose latest novel Hold Fast tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who falls into Chicago’s shelter system and from there must solve the mystery of her father’s strange disappearance.



the engineer, hacker, author and entrepreneur brings us his fascinating new account Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell.



the Canadian fiddler, singer/songwriter and step dancer brings us a few of the high-energy songs from her new album Bright Like Gold.

The Yale


this year's lineup of 14 senior Yale University men who comprise the world's oldest and most famous collegiate a cappella group..

The Zealous


house pianist extraordinaire.