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APRIL 12, 2014
Out at Sea - Show 1057

A special show celebrating the OCEAN, that vast blue landscape composing the majority of Earth's surface, full of mystery, life and adventure.

Join us on a journey out at sea through segments from past shows, when Sedge welcomed:

SUSAN CASEY author of The Wave, an astonishing book about colossal, ship-swallowing rogue waves and the surfers who seek them out.

HOWARD ULRICH, Alaskan fisherman who survived the 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami, largest in recorded history at 1720 feet tall.

DICK DALE & THE DELTONES, known as King of the Surf Guitar, he pioneered surf music in the 1950s, drawing on Eastern musical scales and experimenting with reverberation.

BOB WISE, designer of Wise Surfboards teaches Sedge to catch a wave!

WALT KEALE & LT SMOOTH with Chris Lau and Bill Griffin bring us soothing music from the shores of Hawaii.

DANIEL LENIHAN surfaces from the Bay for just long enough to be interviewed about his book Submerged: Adventures of America's Most Elite and Extreme Underwater Archeology Team.

DONOVAN HOHN, author of Moby Duck: the True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea.

SUSAN FREINKEL, author of Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, taking us through history, science and the global economy to assess the real impact of plastic in our lives.


APRIL 5, 2014
From London! - Show 1056

Recorded March 15th at a pub in London, England!

Sedge welcomed:

PHILIP KERR, author of Bernie Gunther series of historical thrillers set in Germany and elsewhere during the 1930s, the Second World War and the Cold War.

DAVE GOULSON, one of the UK's most respected conservationists, founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, here with his new book A Sting in the Tale: My Adventures with Bumblebees.

OLIVIA CHANEY, fast-rising English singer, pianist, guitarist, harmonium player who is currently collaborating with the Kronos Quartet.

LICENSE TO CEILIDH, London's top Ceilidh band, the energetic traditional music of the Gaelic barn dances and highland flings.

MIKE GREENSILL, originally trained at Leeds College of Music in England, Mike is now one of San Francisco's premier Jazz and Cabaret piano players.


MARCH 8, 2014
A Special from the Archives - Show 1052

Special live show from March 8, 2003, celebrating International Women's Day, when SEDGE welcomed:

GURINDER CHADA, director of "Bend it Like Beckham", the opening film of San Francisco's Asian American Film Festival. "Bend it Like Beckham" tells the story of a teenage girl forced to choose between her dreams of soccer stardom and her traditional Sikh family in this rousing British comedy full of cultural mix and female kicks. With her will be husband and co-screenwriter, Paul Mayeda Burges.

BLAME SALLY, juggling influences that range from flamenco to traditional folk, jazz to straight ahead rock, country to urban funk.

DEBORAH PARDES, singer songwriter and founder of Artists for Literacy, a program that among other endeavors, will be releasing a second CD of music performed by first-rate musicians, inspired by great writing.

VIVIANA GUZMAN, flute virtuoso with piano accompaniment by Lisa Spector.

LYNN FREED, author of "House of Women".

LISA SPECKTOR as the house pianist.

PATCHY SANDERS the seven-piece band from Ashland, Oregon conjures up a fabulously folky tapestry of sound, drawing upon Celtic, Appalachian, Medieval and Bluegrass musical traditions. from November 2013

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