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This week, SEDGE talks with
PHILLIPA KELLY, who know from he reading of King Lear how we can all be at various times in our lives, beggars or kings.  That dispossesion can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  How do we cope?  Her life in Australia growing up shaped her with King Lear as required reading. 

SUSAN CASEY knows her rogues, those waves that travel round the world like Melville's Universal Thump and toss about freighters and surfers.  She writes about these natural phenomena with gusto and humor.

Spam is now locked up in Hawaii to foil shoplifters.  TERRY JONES reminds us of the rôle of the mash-up meat product in our consciousness.

MIKE GREENSILL performs the amber waves of grain song, from sea to shining sea.



First, this week on the air - we remember HUGH MASEKELA and URSULA LE GUIN, two giants of music and literature who graced our show.

Second, KEPLER'S DREAM, the indie family movie I produced with a fantastic crew is now AVAILABLE after a successful theatre run in December across the country.


A personal request: it means a great deal to all of us if you'd download and watch the movie, post a jolly good review, and tell your friends!

I'm proud of KEPLER's DREAM, and of the work on in it the US and the UK. The film has garnered some great reviews, people find it moving, entertaining, profound, and inspiring.

Also, many fine women of all ages helped make this, both on screen and off, from writers and director and cinematographer to the range of actors.

From the Village Voice: "A Feel Good Puzzler 

Winner of an Audience Favorite Award at the Mill Valley Film Festival!

Send us a copy of the review you posted and I'll send you a rare photograph of me getting made-up for my role -- Can you spot it? I'll autograph it for you, too!

A reminder: Independent of our broadcast time, you can listen all week to the program on any device or computer via the LISTEN button on the front page of our web site.

Best wishes, and many thanks for your support through the years! Sedge


Today, SEDGE THOMSON, presents 

“Better Lives Through Music ”


Today, Sedge's interviews bring us three musicians whose lives and careers criss-crossed American history from the days of Jim Crow through the civil rights movement to current civil rights quandaries.

 (b 1944)  The ebullient singer, author and actress. Her “baby-baby-s” made The Supremes trio sound distinctive with Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, yet despite personal successes and griefs, finds the joy of her music her constant. 

ALLEN TOUSSAINT — (1938-2015)   His New Orleans songwriting style created many hits for Paul McCartney, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, and many others. He did very well for himself, too, and demonstrates his techniques for writing songs for his more visible musical colleagues.

 (1930-2008)   Her clarion, operatic voice brought to folk music a style that led to her sobriquet “voice of the civil rights movement.”  She inspired Dr King, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and many others as she found her way to make music when many venues were restricted by race. Later she’s joined by Ronnie Gilbert, John Renbourne and Archie Fisher.


It's Sedge's flâneur files. 


Insights abound. 


With the piano genius himself, Mike Greensill