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Live from Studio 55 Marin at 1455 Francisco Blvd ESan Rafael! Featuring:

JASON MARK seeks to find out if true wilderness still exists on Earth today in his new book Satellites in the High Country: Searching for the Wild in the Age of Man.

MARGARET WINSLOW, geologist and author of the travel memoir Over My Head: Journeys in Leaky Boats from the Straight of Magellan to Cape Horn and Beyond and forthcoming The Cusp of Dreadfulness: Fifteen Seasons in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia.

ETHAN RAFAL, photographer and writer behind Shock and Awe, a twelve-year, autobiographical project examining the relationship between protracted war and homeland decay.

LIA ROSE, whose captivating guitar and poetic voice represent a new era of folk songwriting in the San Francisco Bay.

DANIEL CHAMPAGNE, renowned Austrailian singer-songwriter with a reputation of making crowds buzz and jaws drop wherever he goes.

MIKE GREENSILL, our beloved and talented house pianist. 

From The Chapel in the Mission dirstict of San Francisco from May 18, 2013, SEDGE welcomed:



the travel writer and novelist known for such bestsellers as The Great Railway Bazaar and The Mosquito Coast, here with his latest, The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari.



the bestselling author of The Emperor's Children brings us her next novel, The Woman Upstairs, about an elementary schoolteacher in need of a fantasy. She finds one.



author of the emotional and humorous works All about Lulu and West of Here, on tour with his latest big-hearted novel, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving.



the lovely Georgian-turned-Californian singer-songwriter and her band bring us some songs from their new album Ridgeline.



house pianist extraordinaire.  And More!

From October 2011 at the lounge in San Francisco, Sedge welcomed:



from MythBusters, the beloved science entertainment TV program that tests the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos and news stories.



author of Packing for Mars, San Francisco's One City One Book selection for 2011, and editor of The Best American Science and Nature Writing.



human rights activist for the people of South Sudan.



The legendary co-founder of The Doors and the critically acclaimed slide/blues guitarist have put their artistic minds together, creating a truly captivating new sound!



Dirty Martini singer with a solo CD.

The Spacey


Master Pianist and Entertaining Sidekick.


Join us for our 22nd Anniversary Special, live from Studio 55 Marin at 1455 Francisco Blvd E, San Rafael! Sedge welcomes:

WES "SCOOP" NISKERthe famed author, radio commentator, comedian, and Buddhist meditation instructor asks life's big existential questions and has some good laughs along the way.

CLAIRE PEASLEE, West Marin's coastal naturalist brings us some earthly winter wisdom.

MURIEL ANDERSON, world-renowned guitar and harp guitar player brings us a taste of her new show Wonderlusta virtual tour around the world in music and imagery, set to a backdrop of stunning visuals by celebrated photo-artist Bryan Allen.

THE POTRERO HILLBILLIES, J Raoul Brody and friends bring us their recreation of the Kinks' overlooked masterpiece Muswell Hillbillies.

MIKE GREENSILL, our beloved and talented house pianist. And More!

From July 8, 1995 at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco, Sedge welcomed:

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (October 1925 – August 2013) musician, songwriter and record producer who was influential in New Orleans R&B.

ELMORE LEONARD (October 1925 – August 2013) crime fiction writer, author of Get Shorty, Freaky Deaky, and Riding the Rap.

LADY BIANCA, Blues pianist and singer.

SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY CHORUS, featuring Cynthia Hobgood.

BILL CRAWFORD, author of Cerealizing America: The Unsweetened Story of American Breakfast Cereal

AUSTIN LOUNGE LIZARDS, the pranksters of acoustic music.

BONNIE LOYD, the Urban Geographer

CARRIE FISHER, Star Wars actress who was in town appearing in Wishful Drinking at Berkeley Rep. (from March 2008)