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This week, for our 1111th show, we present a special fresh from London! SEDGE welcomes:

REBECCA HUNT with her thrilling new novel Everland, the story of two Antarctic journeys a century apart: the first, in 1913, in the three-masted Kismet, and the second in 2012. 

BEN AARONOVITCH whose novel The Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US) follows Peter Grant, a young officer who is recruited into a small branch of the Metropolitan Police that deals with magic and the supernatural.

CAMILLA GODDARD, urban beekeeper who started Capital Bee, an ethical business set up in response to the current critical shortage of honey bee colonies in Britain.

BLANCHE GIROUARD & TIMOTHY PALMER; in this special segment, oral historian Blanche Girouard talks to the High Sheriff Timothy Palmer about his enthusiasm for dung beetles!