Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live, San Francisco's Radio Show to the World!

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Join us live from the Hearing Room Theater on the second floor of the SF Ferry Building! Producer CASE CONOVER and HENRY THOMSON step in for SEDGE who is in London on his film project and joins briefly to welcome:

DANIEL HANDLER, the Lemony Snicket author brings us his dark and comedic adult novel We Are Pirates, a modern tale set in the San Francisco Bay. Interviewed by HENRY THOMSON.

IRVIN YALOM, the renowned psychiatrist shares wisdom from over five decades of practice in Creatures of a Day: And Other Tales of Psychotherapy.

RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT, legendary troubadour and cowboy poet with over 40 albums under his belt, he is a direct link to the foundations of American folk music.

NELL ROBINSON with Jim Nunally and Pete Grant bring us a taste of the new album Rose of No Man's Land, singing of her family journey through 250 years of war & service.

MOLLY BEST, owner of Thistle Meats, a one-year-old whole-animal butcher and charcuterie shop in Petaluma.