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From February 9, 2002 the Raven Performing Ars Theater in Healdsburg, California.

CARL DJERASSI, (Oct 29, 1923 - Jan 30, 2015) novelist, playwright, National Medal of Science Winner, and inventor of the birth control pill, whose book This Man's Pill reflects on the 50 years since its invention.

ZYDECO FLAMES, the West Coast's premier zydeco band, bring us some of that Mardi Gras spirit.

ALEXANDRA FULLER, author of Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood.

SHANA MORRISON, who got her start singing with father Van's band, combines Irish folk, r&b, country, and jazz.

ARMANDO GARCIA_DAVILA, California poet, author of At the Edge of the River - Al Lado del Rio.

MIKE GREENSILL, renowned piano-man, and more!