David Rakoff (1964-2012)                          Francesco Rosi (1922-present)

From MAY 26th, 2007, when SEDGE welcomed:

MAL SHARPE, man-on-the-street meets man-about-town, from the surreal to the jazz-honed, Mal knows from zeitgeist.

JULIA WHITTY, contributer to Mother Jones magazine and author of Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean, about the fate of coral reefs.

HELEN SIMPSON, author of the set-in-England In the Driver's Seat and Four Bare Legs in A Bed and other books, from London, with brilliant and droll insights and writing about love and relationships and children and, well, life.

MIKE LIPSKIN, a man who just doesn't take the piano out for a walk, he takes it out for large-gaited strides.

Along with as these very special interviews:

DAVID RAKOFF, the late great Canadian-born writer based in New York City, well known for his humorous, often autobiographical non-fiction essays. From October 18, 2001. 

FRANCESCO ROSIthe Italian film director of such great works as Christ Stopped at Eboli, winner of the Golden Prize at the 11th Moscow International Film Festival. From May 3, 1997.