A Favorite from July 17th,  2004 when SEDGE welcomed:

           Jack Germond (1928-2013)                            Kongar-ol Ondar (1962-2013)

JACK GERMOND, the late great political commentator, author of Fat Man Fed Up.

CARL HIAASEN, satirical novelist and columnist from Miami who knows the dirt about the way Florida really operates. His latest novel, Skinny Dip, once again romps through the politics and hearts of the citizens of that most dubious of swing states.

MIKE DAISEY, monologist, whose piece, 21 Dog Years let's us see what the Amazon-ing life style is behind the scenes.

OAK, ASH & THORN British Isles a capella, druids to Rolling Stones

LARRY GALLAGHER, very funny singer-songwriter


Plus, a special segment with the late Tuvan throat singer KONGAR-Ol ONDAR and bluesman PAUL PENA from July 22, 1995.