Join us at THE ODC THEATER, 3153 17th Street (at Shotwell) in San Francisco, to make beautiful radio together. Sedge welcomes:


Ciji Ware

Author of A Race to Splendor.


Peter Mountford

Seattle-based author of A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism.


Ann Packer

author of Swim Back to Me.


Rory Block

Brings us what Rolling Stone calls "Some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years".

Elizabeth Soberanes

Will discuss Rhythm & Motion's Carnival Workshop, preparing students of all levels to participate in the 33rd Annual Carnaval SF Parade on May 29th.

The Wandering

Mike Greensill

Resident piano player and accompanist for Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live.