BRASS MENAZERI, the hot Balkan Brass band -- you're ready to dance, we hope?

WILIAM GIBSON, the renowned novelist and forward thinker has a new novel, Zero History.  Come hear about  marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend and Hollis Henry from the coiner of cyberspace

JOHN BRANDON, with a rave from Daniel (Lemony Snicket) Handler on the front page of the NYTBR for Citrus Country, a book that merges crime and a bucolic setting and a youth's education.

ROB EPSTEIN and JEFFREY FRIEDMAN, their new film stars James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, with Mary-Louise Parker David Strathairn and others, and mixes poetry and Ginsberg's own illustrations to make the story of the Beats and the poem Howl, well, into Howl the Movie.  How did they do it? We'll meet them.

Mike Greensill, my on-air accompanist and renowned jazz composer.

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Parking garage two doors down, Downtown Berkeley Bart stop half-a block around corner on Shattuck, with the fine Revival, Gather, and Venus restaurants nearby.