ALISON HAWTHORNE DEMING, with a poet's invocation for Watershed

DEBORAH FALLOWS, author of Dreaming in Chinese, about her experiences in China and the need for us all to learn some Chinese.

P.J. O'ROURKE, and yet he's afraid voting will encourage the bastards, though whether he means the politicians or the voters remains to be seen.

DOUG DORST, author of Surf Guru, a collection of marvels by this fine novelist.

PETER HELLER, author of Kook, what Surfing Taught me about love, life, and catching the perfect wave, by an adventurer who writes to learn new skills, whether becoming a pilot or a surfer.  As long as he keeps moving!

FRANKIE and the POOL BOYS, you'll never hear surf music the same way after you hear this international surf band of excellence.

MIKE GREENSILL, whose pianism trumps any other ism or ideology

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